Ames True Temper 8 Cubic Foot Poly Tray Dual Wheel Contractor Wheelbarrow BP8 Review

I have a large, and rather overflowing, garden in my backyard. So for my last birthday, two of my friends got me the Ames True Temper Contractor Wheelbarrow. I have spent only a month with Ames and I love it already. So I thought I should let others know about how well it works. That is the reason I am writing this Ames True Temper 8 Cubic Foot Poly Tray Dual Wheel Contractor Wheelbarrow BP8 Review.

You Get to Play with A Lot of space

I had previously heard of the brand quality of Ames. And now after using one of their products, it is worthy of its fame. This Ames BP8 has a volume capacity of 8 Cubic Feet. This lets me carry all the gardening tools in one turn.

Plus the tray is made of heavy duty poly. It is built to bear the load. The yellow tray is safe from corrosion. That means it becomes easy to clean after all the dirty work.

The Wheelbarrow is Strongly Built

Contractor wheelbarrows are renowned for their sturdiness. This is due to the three types of braces used in its construction. Firstly the front braces attached to the tray and the handles. And then there is the back H-Brace. An H-Brace is a very strong structure and so it is also a very common sight.

These two braces are paired with cross braces in the middle. All these braces are made of steel, so there is surety in its durability. All these braces make it easy for the cart to maintain balance and thus make maneuvering it an easy job.

Firm Feet Provide Balance

For wheelbarrows which have a single or double wheel in the front, rear legs are a necessity. And the good thing is my Ames True Temper wheelbarrow has a reliable pair of legs with shoes.

The legs help me to position the Ames True Temper 8 over rough surfaces – rubble, dirt or mud. And the shoes help to reduce the force of impact when I set the hauler down. So both the legs and the wheelbarrow remain safe.

16-Inch Tires

Big tires are needed for a big wheelbarrow. And I find 16 inches perfect for this one. Ames has used a pair of pneumatic tires. I find this type of tires really helpful and reliable.

The great thing about pneumatic tires is that they have an inner tube, which contains air and thus that retains the whole air pressure of the tire. This inner tube is then covered with a tread (a hard and durable layer). So, the tires remain safe from damage and last a long time.

Hard Hardwood Handles

I like wooden handles more than the steel ones. And since Ames has used hardwood in making these handles, they are as good as steel. Moreover, wooden handles have a beauty to them. They give the wheelbarrow a vintage look and so it feels old school (in a good way, of course) when working with the wheelbarrow.


The tray has a maximum volume capacity of 8 Cubic Feet, which is more than enough.

The heavy duty poly tray is easy to clean.

Ames BP8 is corrosion proof.

The Handles are made of hardwood, super enduring.

Steel legs help to position it safely.

The two 16” pneumatic tires require no maintenance.

Three types of braces have made it sturdy – front braces, back H-braces, and steel cross braces.


It is pretty heavy in itself, somewhat 50 pounds; so even when I am hauling an empty wheelbarrow it feels loaded


FAQ for the Product

You’ll find answers to all the lingering questions in your brain regarding this product below.

Can I separately by just the tub?

Yes, I believe you can. Just contact Ames Customer Service and they’ll tell you where you’ll find one for yourself.

How to remove the wheel to clear the rust?

Generally, the axle is the part that gets covered in rust. In that case, remove the cotter pin and the washers. Remove the first wheel and the axle will come out. Do some gentle tapping with a hammer just to get the other end out. Then rub the axle with a sandpaper to get the rust off.

Parting Words

The Ames Contractor Wheelbarrow has the charm to entice you in its efficiency. Just one month of experience is enough for me to come out and say this. I would suggest you buy the product. Especially, if you are concerned about your safety while you move things around.

You’ll find Ames True Temper 8 Cubic Foot Poly Tray Dual Wheel Construction Wheelbarrow BP8 Review helpful if you want something of a workhorse. No doubt this thing is durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions as well.

This wheelbarrow is quite big and so it requires adequate space for storage. And surely the money is also a factor. If all these are in your favor, buy it right away!